Risk Monitoring

Monitoring is a cost of coping with the added risk and complexity of multi-country supply chains. In Southeast Asia, it is an imperative tool to help manage risk.

Cross border margins has bred the acceptance of ever-greater risk exposure–be it economic, political, reputational, compliance, operational or some other kind. Cascade Asia equips organizations with tools to better anticipate risk by improving their capacity to respond more quickly and strategically while simultaneously enhancing their ability to identify and seize opportunities that emerge. Our monitoring tools, which can be fully customized to your organization’s needs, include:

  • Local media monitoring & analysis – English and local language media coverage pertinent to your business and the issues impacting your reputation, industry and operating environment. Delivered on a schedule most convenient for your management team.
  • Policy monitoring & analysis – Whether at the national level with government regulations in Vietnam or pending parliamentary bills being drafted in Indonesia or local regulations and bylaws in Malaysia, Cascade Asia’s on-the-ground local analysts monitor and analyze policy issues that impact your business operations in Southeast Asia.
  • Outlook of key issues on the horizon  An executive-ready risk assessment and outlook by our in-country analysts. A report includes critical dates upcoming that hold relevance to your organization and a forecast of anticipated significance and outcomes.
  • Immediate alerts as issues unfold  Using your pre-determined area of emphasis as a guidepost, Cascade Asia will alert your key management on issues as they unfold.
  • Rapid response situation assessments  As an issue unfolds, Cascade Asia will use our in-field analysts to cross-check on-the-ground information and analyze its significance to your organization.
  • Scenario mapping  The possible outcomes of a particular political, policy, economic or social development may hold vastly different implications for your business. Cascade Asia helps you prepare for those situations by assessing possible outcomes and the potential impact to your organization.