On-the-Ground Market Research

Cascade Asia takes an on-the-ground research-based approach to each of our client engagements.

We deploy analysts that are both local to the country and highly seasoned who are capable of conducting extensive research, engaging with senior government officials and tapping local industry insiders to provide our clients with the quality of insight to confidently seize market opportunities and respond to complex market realities.

Cascade Asia’s on-the-ground market research capabilities include:

    • Industry structure and trends
    • Market segments, size and growth potential
    • Demand driver dynamics and their implications
    • Competitive landscape mapping and analysis
    • Regulatory landscape mapping and analysis
    • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
    • Industrial zone/special economic zone comparisons and analysis
    • Political, economic, social, compliance, operational risks
    • Black market activity analysis
    • Local media monitoring
    • Customized research as needed