Cascade Asia in the News

LA Times speaks with Cascade Asia about how the Philippines is positioning itself in the South China Sea. 
–April 4, 2015
Cascade Asia's Managing Director looks at reforms planned to Indonesia's wage setting mechanism. 
– March 19, 2015
Cascade Asia interviewed about the Samsung factory brawl in Vietnam 
– January 17, 2014
Cascade Asia interviewed about the importance of comfort on economy flights in Asia 
– January 15, 2014
Cascade Asia interviewed by Al Jazeera about protests in Thailand 
– December 7, 2013
Cascade Asia speaks with Monitor Frontier Markets about Vietnam's coffee industry 
– November 10, 2013
Cascade Asia discusses Fed policy and the Philippine economy 
– October 29, 2013
Forbes speaks with Cascade Asia about infrastructure development in Jakarta – October 16, 2013
Cascade Asia discusses Indonesia's economic outlook on CCTV's Biz Asia America 
– August 16, 2013
Cascade Asia quoted by Institutional Investor in the Summer 2013 issue of Global Money Management 
– August 14, 2013
Cascade Asia discusses US-Vietnam relations on CCTV's Biz Asia America 
– July 25, 2013
Voice of America interviews Cascade Asia during Sam Rainsy’s visit to Washington DC (in Khmer) 
– May 8, 2013
Cascade Asia talks with Forbes about Malaysia’s general election
– May 6, 2013
Cascade Asia discusses Malaysia’s general election on Globalist Asia (13:50-18:35 mark)
– May 6, 2013
CNN interviews Cascade Asia regarding Malaysia’s general election
– May 2, 2013
SBS World News interviews Cascade Asia regarding the build-up to Malaysia's general election 
– April 23, 2013
Cascade Asia outlines fiscal risks of the Malaysian election for Asia Times Online
– April 15, 2013
Cascade Asia discusses the Philippines rating upgrade on CCTV
– March 28, 2013
Seattle Times Op-ed: Myanmar reforms will only last if the country’s people benefit
– November 21, 2012

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