Cascade Asia Launches Free Reports Tracking Investable Sectors in Myanmar

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YANGON (August 15, 2013) – Cascade Asia Advisors launched the first issue of its complementary reports covering Myanmar, Managing Director Brian Sheley announced today. The Myanmar Market Pulse provides a regular “pulse” of the dynamics and developments within sectors Cascade Asia considers investable. The reports also include analysis of political and economic risks that impact the selected sectors.

“The pace of change in Southeast Asia is intensifying as driven by transformative economic, political, demographic and informational developments,” said Sheley. “In such a highly dynamic environment, localized, actionable information is indispensable to unlocking investable opportunities. Our Market Pulse reports provide an introductory version of deeper proprietary intelligence we offer in emerging sectors in this highly investable region.”

“Despite weak physical, financial and regulatory infrastructure in Myanmar at present, there are several sectors that hold promise for foreign participants,” said Ryker Labbee, Cascade Asia’s Myanmar Country Director. “With an antiquated grid and abundant resources, Myanmar could meet a significant portion of its rising energy demand using renewable resources and technologies. Solar, micro-hydro, biomass and algal biofuels all hold great potential. Similarly, we’re excited about information and communications technology. With telecommunications infrastructure set to improve and mobile phone and internet access increasing rapidly, many of the country’s 60 million people are clamoring for the tools and conveniences of modern technology. Finally, we’re witnessing the rebirth of the textiles and apparel sector, as investment begins to shift out of China and Bangladesh and into Myanmar. We expect each of these sectors to remain dynamic for years to come.”

Today’s announcement follows the recent release of the firm’s Indonesia Market Pulse, with reports on other countries in the region to be announced soon. Subscriptions to Cascade Asia’s free Southeast Asia market research are available here.



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